Welcome to Geneva, Switzerland!!!

Today is a very exciting today. All together there are five journalists covering world wide youth employment issues! We are all brilliant people who have a passion for civic journalism (to learn more about us check out the “Press Team” page). In particular, I (Tiffany Taylor) will be covering the following regions: Africa and the Arab States. I am so stoked to meet all one-hundred of the delegates. Given the turmoil that has occurred in the Arab states and throughout Africa this past year, I am particularly looking forward to learning more about these regions. It is a blessing to be here! More blogs to follow!

Clip of the newsletter welcoming the 100+ young delegates: “Welcome to the International Labour Organizations’ Youth Employment Forum! Get excited for an amazing three days filled with great opportunities to learn more about how you can make a difference in not only your community, but also the world. As you reflect upon your role at home and abroad in bettering youth employment, try to remember the importance of these famous words, spoken by social activist Gloria Steinem, “ “the first problem of all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn.” Use this experience to challenge your preconceived notions in order to learn as much possible.”


Tiffany Taylor (USA)


One thought on “Welcome to Geneva, Switzerland!!!

  1. I am so pleased hear that people are out there trying to make sure everyone makes a difference in their lives and aswell as their community. I have express my interest in also being a benefitiary.

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