Press Team


Name: Tiffany  Taylor

Position: ILO’s Youth Employment Forum Journalist

University: University of Chicago

Major(s): Political Science, Asian Studies, Sociology

Career Ambition: To work towards more a more peaceful society

Fun Fact: If I could be any juice, it would be orange juice


Name: Dobriyana Tropankeva

Position: Project Coordinator, European Youth Press and Editor Orange Magazine

University/Occupation: City University London

Course: Business and Finance Journalism

Career Ambition: I want to be a writer for a magazine, TV reporter and to work in different countries.

Fun Fact: I am capable of playing Tchaikovsky piano concert in the morning and shooting television business review in the afternoon.


Name: Laura Garciandia Perez

Position: Freelance journalist

University/Occupation: Human rights journalism, migration, gangs and jails situation in Latin América

Course: Conflict resolution and social management of peace

Career Ambition: …To change the reality of my Latin American region, through journalism helping to raise the voice of the most neglected societies of my region…


Name: Rajneesh Bhandari

Position: Multimedia Journalist based in Nepal

University/Occupation:Ateneo De Manila University

Course: Multimedia Journalism

Career Ambition: Multimedia/Investigative Journalism



Name: Matt Hamilton

Position: ILO’s Youth Employment Forum Journalist

Universities: American University, Washington, DC (undergraduate); IHEID, Geneva (graduate school)

Major(s): International Affairs, Spanish Language

Career Ambition: To work towards creating a more humane and sustainable world

Area of Interest in Youth Employment:  unpaid internships

3 thoughts on “Press Team

  1. I am really excited for you guys!
    I have started to read your coverage and definitely like what you have done so far. I will be following the forum through your eyes. I am sure that with the rich mix of perspectives here, we will have great coverage.
    All the best.

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