Youth Employment Forum: “A Great Setting to Share Great Stories”

Young people active in the promotion of decent work are discussing ways to promote employment and entrepreneurship in the face of a global jobs crisis that affects 75 million youth. Over 100 young men and women from around the world took part in the Youth Employment Forum at the ILO in Geneva, sharing their experiences and points of view.

Watch all the highlights from the Youth Employment Forum on ILO TV


Voices of Youth on Social Justice

Featuring the voices of young people, this video asks what are the challenges to achieving social justice for young people in 2012? It includes young peoples’ messages to the international community for World Day of Social Justice on February 20 and asks you for yours. You can add your voice by leaving a comment or submitting a video response in the window below. For more information about the International Labour Organization (ILO) and social justice, visit . To get involved with the youth employment issue go to What About Young People.